Leadership In Style – Bing J. Carbone


“Fascinating read and insight on business leadership but also great personal life lessons – Greg Scott, Sikorsky Aircraft, Stratford, Connecticut

“This book is excellent! I am going to purchase additional copies for my boss, and my bosses boss who need to read this!” – S.P. – Buyer, Walt Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, Florida

“Simply excellent, Bing. You are right; I have applied your lessons learned to my own leadership style, and I am already seeing results. Thank you so much for writing this book.” – L.S. – V.P. Engineering and Mfg., Corvette, Bowling Green, Kentucky

“Amazing book, and you must be an amazing boss. I wish I worked for you!” – P. Cray, Charlotte, North Carolina

“A wake up call to all those bad leaders out there for sure. Inspire people and see how fast they can positively affect your bottom line profits. Bing’s book will tell you how to do it right.” – D.L. – Orthopedic Sales Manager, Smith & Nephew, Memphis, Tennessee

“Wow. I read the book and I am very impressed. It is a great book  and I am sure a lot of people can really benefit from it.” – J. Fucci, Las Vegas, Nevada

“Wonderful book, not only for business, but for living life to the fullest. This book is very well written, easy to read and enjoyable too! Great job, well done! Kudos to you Bing… – MTF, Henderson, Nevada


I have to be ethical and admit that I know the author and received this title as a gift from him. Teaching college students, I often notice a decided lack of leadership skills. Consequently, Bing’s short, very readable handbook should be required reading for business students and strongly suggested reading for all other college students. Meanwhile, professionals will also find value in Bing’s advice. His writing comes from a very personal place and reads in a very encouraging and accessible manner.  Bing’s career success and his effervescent personality uniquely prepare him to be a leadership coach — and all those positive attributes shine through in this handbook which is filled with reliable advice.” Dr. Robert Forbus, Associate Professor and Assistant to the Dean School of Business, Southern Connecticut State University

“Steve Jobs, Arthur (Artie T) Demoulas – great leaders who were (are) loved by their employees, and the businesses were successful. Being a boss isn’t being a harda**, it isn’t micromanaging, it’s about being a true LEADER. Such a great book. Should be handed to all management by every major corporation”. – Daniel Reichel – Amazon Post


Positive leadership, Positive employees and a Positive bottom line, where you and your employees are working in sync, making bundles of money and having fun at the same time. Easier said than done? Hardly.

Follow the steps and guidance in this easy-to-read book with lessons that you can go to work tomorrow and apply. Proven steps that’ll make you say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Leadership In Style is about how the positive leader gets things done, creates a universally wonderful environment for employees to work in and then deliver financial results that can be life changing for you and your employees.

Author Bing J. Carbone has spent 30 years not only leading and managing peoples but studying leadership and writing about it as well. His new book, Leadership In Style,

Bing's book cover
Business lessons learned to make money and have fun doing it.

delivers the lessons he’s learned in a fun engaging, and practical style.

We are all leaders in one form or another, but are you paying attention to the little details that will make you and your employees great? This book is about being a top notch leader and it doesn’t matter if your education is at a high school or doctorate level.

A no-nonsense, must-read for the business student to the Fortune 500 executive CEO that will get you out of neutral, energize your employees and make the kind of money you and your employees deserve!

E-Version and print version for sale on Amazon.com and other bookstores now!

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