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Bing J. Carbone – Bio

I am an active company President who has been in a leadership and management role for over 30-years.

Over the course of this time I have learned from worldly experience being involved in the management of people, sales, family business and now corporate employment, study on the subject of leadership from my college days and degrees, newspaper, books, attending lectures and study at the Jack Welch Management Institute. I am engaged with several universities in terms of public speaking and student/faculty lectures and also teaching in the field of business leadership, strategy, business development, marketing, communication and other specialty subjects.

My writings on the subject of leadership on LinkedIn have received enormous viewership and now, my first book “The Positive Leader with a Big Impact: Business Lessons Learned to Make Money and Have Fun Doing It” – is now available on Amazon and other e-book outlets!

E-version (kindle, Nook, etc.) and print version now available on Amazon.com and other bookstores!

I am an expert gardener and have written on a local and national level in prominent publications. I have two daughters in college and have lived in Shelton, Connecticut since 1992. (And yes, Bing is my real name!)

I can be reached at the following;

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Bing J. Carbone, 7 Acadia Lane, PH 5404, Shelton, Connecticut 06484 USA

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Cell: 203.414.1559

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