The “SEVEN F’s” in Business


Many of us have read about the “FIVE “F’s” in the business setting, but I’ve written my own interpretation on each one of them. I have also added two more “F’” items that I find very important to have as part of my daily routine.

The “Seven F’s” are as follows…

  1. F – FAST (SPEED); the 2015 Corvette Stingray is a very fast car that articulates the definition of speed on the racetrack. Our work pace in the business setting is no different most of the time. We’ve got a finite amount of time each day of the week to get things done. How are you managing your own time? Your staff’s time? Speed is essential in the business setting; it’s how we get things accomplished. Clear steer of those things that slow you down.
  2. F – FRIENDLY; are we friendly to each other, our customers, suppliers and employees? Having a bad day? Leave it at the door when you come to work. Being friendly breeds happy employees, happy customers and happiness for yourself. I try to live by three rules: kindness, integrity and respect. If one follows those guidelines, one can never go too far astray.
  3. F- FOCUSED; do we have our priorities right? We’re all busy, but doing what? It’s our goals, plans and even that little To-Do list on a yellow post-it note that keeps us on track. Staying focused requires practice and awareness. It doesn’t happen automatically.
  4. F – FLEXIBLE; Being flexible and understanding that flexibility is not a diversion from your goals for the day, but rather something that requires adaptability to solve the current situation, crisis, etc.
  5. F – FOLLOW UP; do we follow up with customers, suppliers, customers, employees and our own personal tasks? Appropriate follow up goes back to being “focused” and making sure that we’re not caught up in the minutia of our busy-work. Many of us fail to properly follow up on the very things we started, thus the opportunity to ensure things are getting done is lost. I have a yellow pad on my desk with handwritten notes for follow up items. The best and most relieving part for me is when I scratch those bullet points off my list!
  6. FIRED UP; we all need plenty of energy to give our best every day. Are you exercising, eating healthy and mentally clearing your mind each day? You know the health advice but are you doing it? Leadership is stressful and not exercising and being mentally exhausted will hurt your chances of conducting really good leadership.
  7. FUN; are you personally having fun? Are people enjoying working with you and are your employees engaged and smiling? The absolute worst condition to be in is one where you’re not having fun at your job. If that’s the case, do something about it because you’re not helping yourself or anyone else. Having fun, doesn’t come automatically. You have to work at it. Idealize it. Cherish it and keep it alive!

*The “FIVE F’s” in business as first discussed with me by Robert D. Scinto, Shelton, CT.